Kitchen Redesign Ideas for More Counter Space

These kitchen redesign ideas and tips can help you make the most of your countertop space!

Perhaps you have a small kitchen to start, or your current budget does not make it easy to replace all your countertops. No matter the situation you are in, having limited counter space means you have a less-than-ideal amount of work surface to prep meals upon, and probably an even smaller amount of space for countertop storage. Using smart kitchen redesign ideas can drastically improve the appearance and functionality of your kitchen counters.

Add a Kitchen Island or Rolling Cart

Adding a kitchen island is a straightforward means to create more counter space and under-storage. However, if you can’t invest in building a kitchen island at the moment or your kitchen layout constraints make it impractical, you can substitute with a handy rolling cart. This way, you have extra work surface when you need it, there’s additional shelving for your smaller items, and you can move the cart depending on when it’s in use.

Hang or Mount Your Kitchen Tools

Rather than setting your cooking utensils in jar holders and knife blocks on the counters, clear away that space for cooking use instead of storage. You can install a bar or hook system to hang utensils as well as pots and pans. A magnetic strip can keep your knives in reach while not taking up precious drawer space. Many homeowners have already used several kitchen redesign ideas to mount smaller appliances to clear the countertops, including mounted microwaves and toaster-ovens.

Make The Most of Your Sink

When you need to use a worktop, you probably won’t be using the sink for that task at the same time. A large cutting board placed over the sink basin transforms it into a temporary prep area. Why not take it a few steps further by installing a versatile galley workstation?

Add Pull-Out Worktops

Some drawers can be modified to turn into pull-out worktops when the extra counter space is needed. There are kitchen redesign ideas that add smaller butcher block tops to existing drawers or full extendable islands with collapsible table legs for more support.

Installing Open Shelves

It may seem silly to suggest installing open shelves as a fix for more counter space. In reality, kitchen redesign ideas that create more storage potential leaves the counter free of clutter. Open shelvings are less expensive and easier to install than other cabinetry. By storing your nicer kitchenware and dishware on open shelves, you can store other items in cabinets. Ultimately, those items that would have been left on the counters can get put away behind cabinet doors, thus eliminating visual clutter as well.

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