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Great Northern
Wood Harbor

Signature offers exceptional value in a custom cabinet, and has offerings in every design style. Signature is extremely flexible in customizing your cabinets and accommodating special requests. Signature goes the extra mile, with integrity and quality. Design Solutions, Inc. has a long history of satisfied clients using Signature custom cabinets, and Signature is our best-selling line.

Counter Tops

Your kitchen countertop may be the most used surface in your house, so it should provide all the practicality you need in terms of function, while shining as a focal point in the overall kitchen design. Every design we complete has different demands in countertop material and style. As such, Design Solutions, Inc. will advise you on the benefits of various countertop materials, from stone surfaces like marble, granite and quartz, to wooden butcher block or stainless steel.


For tiles we work with the local tile showrooms to find the perfect solutions for your home. Tiles today are very exciting and can be subtle or bold. They may be the focal point or support the surrounding details tile the 'canvas' together. Sometimes we mix tiles together for the overall visual effect, and sometimes we stay with the same throughout a space. Our design experience will help guide you, and surprise you!

The Galley Workstation

Galley Kitchen Workstations replace the kitchen sink with a multi-purpose workstation for all the jobs you do in your kitchen. Prepare ingredients on a retractable cutting board, then simply slide the leftovers right into the sink drain. Use built-in colanders to strain your food. When the guests arrive, the workstation can transform into the perfect serving station, with dividers to ice beverages, racks for serving hot food and beautiful bamboo serving trays. Cleanup is easier than ever, using the station's wash sink and drain rack. Gallery Kitchen Workstations are available in six standard lengths, as well as custom sizes.

Cool Stuff

Whenever we find a cool material, we put in in our toolbox to use in just the right project. These unique products give us some of our unexpected surprises to make your project individually YOURS. This tool box includes such items as cabinet handles, resin panels, back painted glass, mesh, unique moldings, and whatever other unexpected or creative items or ideas we may find in our design travels!