How to Add Color to Your Kitchen Remodel

There are plenty of places to infuse more color into your kitchen remodel, and we’ll give you six considerations to start!

After looking for ways to bring more color into your home interior, now is the time to invite new shades and hues into your kitchen remodel! Even if you’re not quite ready for some daring changes to your kitchen’s color-scheme, like fiery coral or bold black, you can make a few adjustments by adding the warmth of wood or statement metal finishes. There are plenty of places to infuse more color into your kitchen remodel, and we’ll give you six considerations to start! Get in touch with Design Solutions, and let us help bring your kitchen redesign vision to life.


Beautiful countertops make a statement in any kitchen remodel. If you want to add color to this part of your kitchen, you don’t even have to install all new counters. In fact, it’s quite trendy to mix-and-match countertop materials. The various stone, wood, and engineered materials that makeup counters come in many colors, patterns, and finishes. If you have granite or soapstone counters along your kitchen perimeter, try out a butcher block or marble slab for your island countertop.

Painted Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets instantly sets a new tone in any kitchen when you’re looking to mix things up. Your choices are only as limited as what can come in cans of paint — which is to say you have plenty of options. You won’t have to budget for new cabinet purchase or installation to transform your kitchen. If you want to keep the warm quality of your wood cabinets, you can use a range of dark to light stains that will allow any grains and knots to show through.

Open Shelves

Open shelves are easier to install than full cabinets, and it lends plenty of opportunity for color as well. The shelves themselves can be in any color or material that you like. They can blend in or stand out from the walls they’re mounted on. You can further play with your desired color scheme by using higher shelves to display colorful items and use the lower ones to keep everyday cooking essentials in close reach.

Backsplash Tiles

Backsplash tiles can come in many shades and finishes. What’s more, homeowners are using backsplash tiles to create unique patterns or multi-color designs. A lovely backsplash design instantly draws the eye without overly competing with the rest of your kitchen remodel.


Are you tired of stainless steel appliances? Coordinate or make a prized piece pop with new devices in trendy colors. There are black and white appliances and tons of other shades in between. Consider switching out your current refrigerator, oven range, or ventilation hood for one in a vibrant new hue, like chic crimson or hunter green.


Another area you can play around with color is the bar stools if you have kitchen island seating or the table and chairs in your eat-in kitchen. Again, this is another excellent opportunity to add small pops of color with relatively inexpensive changes. Also, consider if your overall kitchen design is missing something in terms of texture and finish. You can also put it back with your choice of furniture, like rustic wood chairs or something softer with upholstery.

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