Fun Tips for Feng Shui Kitchen Redesign

Whether you’re a believer of feng shui or not, these fun and intriguing tips for kitchen redesign are certainly worth a read!

For your next kitchen redesign project, consider implementing some feng shui practices into your design and decor. Feng shui is a philosophy that examines the human relationship with our living and working environments around us. Through principles of placement, the practice aims to create harmonious energy flow in our homes, and ultimately to make us feel more at peace and living in balance. The kitchen represents the element of fire, as well as being regarded as a reflection of our happiness, health, and wealth. Whether you’re a believer of feng shui or not, these fun and intriguing tips for kitchen redesign are certainly worth a read! You may be surprised to find that many of these ideas for positive energy flow encourage practical use of the kitchen space.

Location in the Home

Some bad positioning in floorplans can require more extensive renovations to fix, but some kitchen redesign can counteract negative energy. Still, these ideas may be interesting for you to know. Your home’s front door should not lead you directly into the kitchen. While a kitchen is typically considered the heart of the family home, it can get quite chaotic to have coming-and-going leading through the kitchen. Bathrooms represent a water element. The kitchen and bathroom door should be at a distance from each other, and the bathroom should never open to the kitchen. Fire and water elements can clash with each other, not to mention homeowners typically don’t want any associations of their kitchen with a restroom.

Kitchen Color

Adding color to the kitchen interior can seem like a matter of personal preference, so, by all means, make your selections based on your taste and what can translate to a timeless style. With feng shui, however, there are a few general rules one can follow. The kitchen redesign already symbolizes fire, so overwhelming amounts of red and orange can create an energy imbalance. Conversely, shades of black and blue, which pertain to the water element, sway the imbalance in the other direction. Feng shui dictates warm beiges as the ideal color of a kitchen since it invites in earth elements which symbolize our health and relationships.

Contemporary Flair

If you’re a fan of contemporary design, you’ll love this tip. Good feng shui in a kitchen redesign encourages adding metal and wood accents. Metal invokes calmness and productivity. This is a wonderful opportunity to change up your hardware, from light fixtures to the kitchen sink faucet. Just keep it in check if you already have stainless steel appliances.

On the other hand, wood symbolizes strong family bonds and fortune. Wood can readily be found as butcherblock countertops and cabinet finishes, or as kitchen furniture and utensils. Adding potted plants or herbs would also work, and they already fit in nicely in a kitchen.

Hide Negative Associations

Eliminating visual clutter is a good principle of design. In feng shui, visual clutter manifests as negative energy blocks. Having ample storage — a must in all kitchens — allows everything to have a place and potentially out of sight. Kitchen knives hold negative associations due to their sharp edges, and they are ideally stowed away in drawers. Trash cans and recycling bins are some more apparent associations with clutter and bad energy. Using trash bin cabinets, or keeping the receptacles out of view in the pantry, can eliminate the poor energy flow.

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