Why Work with a Professional Kitchen Designer?

Hiring a professional kitchen designer is how you can turn your okay kitchen remodel into an outstanding one!

When it comes time to complete a kitchen remodel, you can’t underestimate the importance of working with a professional kitchen designer. You may have your perfect vision from flooring materials to appliance upgrades, or perhaps you happen to have the know-how to tackle some DIY aspects of the project. However, hiring a professional kitchen designer is how you can turn your okay kitchen remodel into an outstanding one! Here are three irrefutable reasons why you need to work with a professional kitchen designer.

Aesthetics, Style, and Function

Any given homeowner may go through one or two kitchen remodels in their life. In contrast, a professional kitchen designer has made it their life’s work to perfect kitchen redesigns for their clients! You can trust throughout their years of dedication and passion for interior design that they can certainly help you create a fabulous kitchen too. Designers stay up to date with the latest design trends, what’s performing well in the real estate market, knowing your local safety and building codes, and finding the hallmarks of craftsmanship and quality in kitchen furniture. 

Plus, they take the time to develop personalized solutions for every homeowner’s lifestyle, existing interior space, and budget. This goes a long way in helping homeowners avoid costly mistakes or delays. Further, kitchen designers can tackle your unique kitchen redesign challenges. The resulting kitchen design demonstrates a perfect marriage of personalized aesthetics, timeless style, and superior function.

Experts with Insider Info

Most kitchen designers are certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and the truly exceptional are recognized with local and national awards. Professional kitchen designers are typically highly involved in continuing education, attending trade shows, and following industry publications. By hiring a kitchen designer, you can work with an expert with insider information that homeowners won’t be able to find anywhere else.

They Do the Heavy Lifting

A professional kitchen designer goes beyond helping you conceptualize your dream kitchen remodel. They take the lead on your project and help coordinate the actual execution of your kitchen renovations: the designer contacts and schedules meetings with their network of manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and contractors. Organizing meetings and managing communication throughout the remodeling process is just as vital to its success. Often, the designer is the one accepting deliveries and overseeing contractor work to keep the project on track, thus relinquishing homeowners from this time-consuming responsibility.

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